The Weather Is Changing And It Feels Fine

March 31st, 2017

With the weather slowly but surely turning from Winter to Spring, it’s been really easy to find an excuse to get outside more. And it’s been great! Winter is my least favorite season weather-wise, so I’ve been doing my Spring happy dance for a while now.

Nate and I haven’t really had any issues trying to find stuff to do on warm, nice days. We actually have a few activities that we tend to fall back on (such as thrifting, exploring semi-local beauties, day trips, more thrifting, etc.).

But, regardless of what we end up doing, there are three things I tend to always keep in mind when deciding on a full day of activities:

1. Spend it with someone(s) you love.

For me, that’s this guy:

Almost anything can be fun when you’re with good company. It’s who you’re with that matters most, not necessarily what you’re doing. Obvi. Nate is a chill expert, so hanging out with him is always stress-free, fun and relaxing. Doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Eat well.

Eating is a part of most things I do (it’s amazing how often I think of food). When you incorporate a good restaurant or eats stop, and preferably one with an enjoyable aesthetic, it can really make the day. Food makes my world go round.

Here’s some delicious sopaipilla from Southwest Diner. We cannot go to this place without ordering them. Dip them in honey and they are pretty amazing. This girl gives them two thumbs way up.

3. Get outside.

For us, this often means going on a hike somewhere. We can’t get enough of this shit.

These photos were all products of a recent day hang Nate and I had (which actually wasn’t so recent…I am a procrastinator). We got breakfast at Southwest Diner (one of our faves), then went for a hike in a park who’s name I’m blanking on 😁.

What are some outdoor activities you enjoy?